Lufkin nonprofit continues renovation for North Lufkin homes

Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - It's been a year and a half since Neighborhood Strong started their process of renovating homes in North Lufkin.

As of this year, a total of 18 homes have a new look.

Lufkin homeowner Johnnie Jordan said recent improvements to her North Lufkin home are blessings.

"It's just so exciting to be able to have this done," Jordan said.

According to Jordan, the renovations helped with the water drainage she's been dealing with for years.

"Even after the contractors came in, they put some siding and stuff to help curve the water away," Jordan said.

Another homeowner that recently received assistance like Jordan did was Thelma White.

"You know I would walk through the doo,r and it was really weak all the way across to the kitchen it was really bad and now it's steady," White said.

Now White and Jordan have stable floors and a fresh set of paint on their home.

"It's wonderful to meet people like Ms. Thelma White and others that we've come to know because they're very good people and supportive of what we're trying to do," said Executive Director Wayne Lawrence.

Neighborhood Strong plans to continue their mission of blessing others by renovating 24 more homes this year.

"Every time I get a chance I tell someone about the program. I mean, who wouldn't be excited about having their house improved so much," Jordan said.

In order to qualify for the project financially, homeowners have to be below 80 percent of the average median income of Angelina County. 
Executive Director Wayne Florence said as of now the organization is focusing on North Lufkin, but are making plans to expand.

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