Governor Greg Abbott honors Lufkin All-Stars

Governor Greg Abbott honors Lufkin All-Stars

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - The Lufkin All-Stars have been adjusting to life as teenagers. While they have been doing that, they have also been on a victory tour that has continued into 2018.

The team was in Nacogdoches on Friday for the Legislative Summit at SFA. The team was given a special meet and greet with Governor Greg Abbott. Abbott gave the team a proclamation thanking them for their service to the state and how they represented everyone while in Williamsport back in August.

After a few photographs and handshakes, the governor wrote three separate excuse notes for the players to take back to their separate schools.

"I think they deserve it," Abbott said. "They have done so much and they are learning what government is. They've shown what dedication, work and commitment is all about. They deserve a little time off."

During the Little League World Series, Abbott posted several times on twitter his support for the team. One time he even was waiving the orange #Thundering13 rally towels that were made.

"As a kid growing up in Longview that played little league, this was the dream we all had. I did not make it. These kids did make it. Maybe one day one of these kids could be governor."

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