Pentecostal Campgrounds Will House Refugees

Another place for evacuees to go opens Friday at the Pentecostal campgrounds in Lufkin. It's part of the City of Lufkin's disaster relief plan.

An emergency management shelter will also be in place at the campgrounds. The center will serve as a long-term shelter operation. There are dorm rooms there, including beds and shower facilities.

Kenneth Williams, assistant city manager, said, "There'll be a check-in process for each person coming in. They will have to show ID [indicating] that they're from the state of Louisiana. We will require different things of them, including medical information, if they have it."

The Pentecostal campgrounds can house up to 320 people comfortably. There are also about 50 spaces for RVs.

For more information about this shelter, call (936) 630-0650, (936) 630-0671, (936) 630-0669 or (936) 630-0667.

Someone will answer your call 24 hours a day.