More Help For Hurricane Evacuees In East Texas

It started as a generous gesture by Christian broadcasters in East Texas, now it's a common way to help Katrina's victims.

"Cards for Katrina" kicked off Thursday. Gift cards to area gas stations, restaurants, and department stores will be donated to evacuees staying in East Texas. Already, an area church has donated a thousand dollars worth of cards to refugees.

The gift cards mean evacuees can get what they need when they need it.

Al Ross, operations manager for KSWP/KAVX, said, "We're going to have drop off locations [at] very secure locations, and then we will pick those up and get those distributed to some of the non-profit organizations that [are] helping those victims."

You can drop off Cards for Katrina at Angelina Savings Bank in Lufkin, Temple Credit Union in Diboll, Hibernia bank in Jacksonville, First Bank and Trust in Pineland, Hemphill and San Augustine, Commercial Bank of East Texas, and Texas State Bank in Joaquin.

The banks will then distribute the cards to the Salvation Army, LOVE, Inc., and the Red Cross before they're given to refugees.