Evacuees' Medical Needs Being Addressed

There are now more than 80 refugees at the Nacogdoches Shelter. Efforts continue to make it easier for them to get the help they need.

Thursday evening Nacogdoches doctors arrived to provide free medical help at the Red Cross shelter. Throughout the day medics provided screenings and filled prescriptions. Adults received medicines they left behind. A baby got her first immunizations.

Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital's Jay Knott said, "The biggest problem we're running into is people that have had to just get out and leave their houses and had to run, so they've left medications, they've left glucometers, don't have their blood pressure pills. Stuff like that."

Both Nacogdoches hospitals, Panola Junior College nursing students and pharmacies are providing the needs. More certified volunteer medical personnel are needed.

Mental health needs are also being met. Samaritan Center's therapists are providing crisis counseling. They handed out teddy bears to the children and listened to the adults' worries.

Samaritan Center Director Jan Rhodes said, "A lot of what we're doing is just going to be active listening, helping people process their thoughts and feelings about it. We're helping them refocus, helping them look at what the future may hold."

SFA's Social Work department and private counselors have also volunteered.