East Texas native Cade Foehner speaks about volunteering at Love, INC.

Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - The journey of hometown native Cade Foehner traces back to him volunteering his time at an East Texas organization.

The Shelbyville musician has made it to the Top 14 on "American Idol."

"My friend, his name is Moose, believe it or not, he works there and he invited me to come one Tuesday to come volunteer, and I just kinda fell in love with being there," Foehner said.

Foehner said that time spent helping others at the Nacogdoches location of Love, INC. made an impression on the 21-year-old. He explains Love, INC. is an organization that helps homeless people and individuals who are struggling financially and spiritually.

"You know being able to see that people in our community are struggling, you know people in our community need help and so I just started going a bunch and volunteering every time I could because there's the staff," Foehner said. "Everybody there is just wonderful, and it's an awesome opportunity to be with those who need help."

 Organizers said it is no surprise to see Foehner on the national stage.

"Just visiting with him one day, we said 'What do you do?' and he said 'Oh, I play a little music, sing a little bit.' That's all he said. The next thing I know, he didn't show up over after Christmas for a good while, and we saw him on 'American Idol,'" said Patti Goodrum, the executive director of Love, INC.

Foehner said he's grateful for the great opportunity to be with those who need help.

"He is used to lights and he is used to a little bit of a crowd," said Jacy Clark, outreach coordinator. "I mean, not to the scale of Hollywood, but he's just always had really good stage presence."

Foehner said that volunteering with Love, INC grounds him and said he is "stinkin' blessed. He attributed it all to his faith in the Lord.

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