Meeting The Needs Of Evacuees

Young and old, black and white, storm evacuees are trying to find help in East Texas.

Willard Hill is a New Orleans attorney. He's also a kidney transplant patient who needs $2,000 worth of medication.

"I didn't think that I would be out this long," said Hill. "I only brought enough for two or three days and, as it turns out, it's going to be a little bit longer than that."

Hill was supposed to be in federal court Thursday. Instead, he was one of many evacuees at the Red Cross office in Lufkin. He says volunteers have been going out of their way to help him. He is impressed, and grateful, for the help he got there.

"Across the board, everybody has been just terrific. You should be very proud of your city. Everybody's so kind."

Sick and temporarily homeless, Hill is also out of a job.

"The whole fabric of the society there is destroyed. Court records and evidence in criminal cases kept in basements in first story buildings -- you really cannot find anything there. There are no services, so it's terrible."

Hill and his family plan to contact relatives in nearby Cleveland to find more permanent shelter from the storm.