Salvation Army Adult Day Center in need of sponsors for care fee

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - The Salvation Army of Angelina County's Adult Day Center has been operating for more than two-decades, but over time scholarships and saved financial assistance funds to sponsor adults have.

Merline Lott has worked at the center since 1997.

"We are a nonprofit organization and we provide quality care for all participants or family members here in Angelina County," said director Merline Lott.

Over time she has watched attendance numbers decline due to the lack of funding.

"Our rate is $35 a day and some of our participants can't afford to pay that. The scholarship money would be there to assist them with paying their fees," Lott said.

Lott believes it's important to give the elderly a safe place to go; that's why she's seeking help from the community for donations.

"We just need to get the word out there to the people so that they know about the day center and see the importance of it," said Lott.

Kay Griffin regularly uses the day center for her older sister and understands the importance of adult care.

"She's always happy to come, so that makes me feel good," Griffin said.

Griffin hopes others will help sponsor someone to experience the care center like her sister.

"A lot of people used to donate and I don't know if it's just slipped people's minds or what, but we still need donations," said Griffin.

And the donations don't have to come in large sizes; it could be toward the food or games that are used.

If you'd like to donate to the adult day center contact the Salvation Army Day Center at: (936) 634-1234.

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