Mississippi Evacuee Concerned About Her Home

By Jessica Cervantez

Crystal Malley and her two children are now staying with relatives in Texas, after Hurricane Katrina forced them out of Mississippi. They had to leave because there is no way a four-month-old can be without electricity, and water.

Many parts of their hometown have been destroyed.

Malley said, "It was odd watching things fly by the window. Every time it was white we wondered if it came off our home."

She realizes New Orleans needs a lot of relief, but she's also hoping Mississippi will get more help.

Malley said, "They are in 90 degree weather. And there's no way that the elderly and babies can withstand that kind of weather. If they don't get help soon, there will be more lives lost."

Crystal is hoping she can return to her home area soon. She knows, it will be a much different place. But she feels blessed because she had a place to go. That's an advantage many other storm refugees did not have.

Tractor Supply in Lufkin has set up a donation area, for items to go specifically to Mississippi.