San Augustine celebrates long-lived community members

SAN AUGUSTINE, TX (KTRE) - The small, East Texas town of San Augustine hosted a celebration on Saturday for community members who had lived to see more moons than anyone else.

10 people were recognized, each of them over the age of 80, many of whom had never left San Augustine County.

Virginia Dickerson was one of those honored, but she was given the special award for being the oldest person present at 100 years old.

And, she hasn't lived it alone.

"Well, I raised nine children. And, it was fun the whole time," Dickerson said.

One of her sons, John Dickerson, said her humor has never once taken a day off.

"Somebody asked her one time how did she learn how to cook for all those kids," John Dickerson said. "And, she said she didn't. She was too busy fixing supper."

Dickerson has called San Augustine County home for 89 years and still lives in Broaddus, with the help of her eight living children.

<"We spend time with her," said John Dickerson. "We all take turns being at her home. And, I think a lot of that just keeps her going."

But, Dickerson wasn't the only longtime resident of San Augustine present. Oran Davis has lived his whole life in the town he said is full of joy.

"I think the citizens mostly," Davis said. "I enjoyed them, helped them out with the fire department and all that kind of stuff."

Davis acted as first a postman and later as the fire chief.

"The stories that he shares with me, I get to know the town that I'm in, in this small town that has such a great heritage and so much history," said his daughter-in-law, Becki Davis.

The recognition of the elderly was a part of the Heritage Festival going on in San Augustine.

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