Local Doctor Wants To Help Katrina Evacuees

Doctors from all over East Texas are looking for ways to provide their services to the victims of Katrina. One local doctor's office was ready to close shop and head to New Orleans. But their help may be needed here.

Dr. Kay Carter's specialty is women's health. She fears that there are a lot of pregnant women who escaped the hurricane and need her help.

She says yesterday, her office was ready to close down and head to New Orleans. After calling Louisiana, she found out that they are so disorganized that it's not time to bring in medical physicians. But she's glad her office was ready to go. "I'm so proud of them...you have no idea," Dr. Carter said of her staff.

With Lufkin opening up a shelter, she feels like her services will be needed here. "This is why I got into this profession, to help," she said.

Dr. Carter says she's willing to talk to anyone, answer questions or to see victims of Hurricane Katrina who might need her help. The phone number at her medical practice is 936-632-1533.