Lufkin Receives Louisiana Evacuees

Local organizations are helping our neighbors from Louisiana, giving them the food and other necessities they desperately need.

The HOPE Center of Lufkin has been one of many members of the community assisting refugees at the Pentecostal campground. The campground, which opened as a shelter officially Friday, has had one hundred people checking in or taking up residence there. Lufkin officials say the response from the community has been great.

"We've received work, donations from across the board through out the community its been great. In terms of food, money, clothing,assistance you name it." says Lufkin Fire Chief Pete Pruitt.

As of Friday, the campground was not accepting evacuees without a mode of transportation.

Now, according officials, the campground is accepting buses.

As many as four bus loads of evacuees from Louisiana have arrived at the campground after being examined at the Pitzer Garrison Civic Center.