Lufkin PD nabs robbery suspect, then arrests victim on outstanding warrant

Lufkin PD nabs robbery suspect, then arrests victim on outstanding warrant
Jose Hernandez (Source: Lufkin Police Department)
Jose Hernandez (Source: Lufkin Police Department)
Samuel Garcia (Source: Lufkin Police Department)
Samuel Garcia (Source: Lufkin Police Department)

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Officers with the Lufkin Police Department arrested a 19-year-old man Wednesday in connection with allegations that he robbed another man at gunpoint behind businesses in the 400 block of North Timberland Drive.

Later, the LPD officers also arrested the victim because dispatch told them he had an outstanding arrest warrant.

Jose Eduardo Hernandez, of Lufkin, is still being held in the Angelina County Jail on a first-degree felony aggravated robbery charge and a Class A misdemeanor unlawfully carrying a weapon charge. Although his bond was set at $1,500 for the misdemeanor charge, no bond amount was set for the felony charge.

Samuel Garcia, 19, of Lufkin, is being held on a Class A misdemeanor motion to adjudicate guilt for possession of a controlled substance less than 28 grams. His bond amount has been set at $5,000.

According to the police report's narrative, two Lufkin PD officers were dispatched out to the 400 block of Locke Street to check out a report of a disturbance. While they were on the way to the scene, dispatch told them that Skyline Burrito employees could hear someone "screaming as if they were about to be jumped."

When the LPD officers got to Locke Street, they found a black bicycle with a black plastic bag lying in the middle of the road. After the officers got out of their patrol units to search on foot, they heard someone scream behind the Napa Auto Parts Store located at 403 North Timberland Drive.

The LPD officers ran to the source of the scream and found a man that was later identified as Garcia sitting on a stack of wooden pallets. They saw another man standing nearby.

One of the officers yelled for the second man to stop, but the man ran off behind Skyline Burritos, the report stated. The officer gave chase and the man, who was later identified as Hernandez jumped the fence that divides the Sonic Drive-In and Skyline properties, the report stated.

Garcia told the other LPD officer that he was walking south on Locke Street toward the convenience store when his friend "Lalo" approached him on a black bicycle. Lalo, who was identified as Hernandez confronted Garcia about Garcia stealing $30 from him earlier that day, the report stated.

Garcia told Hernandez that he didn't have his money. Eventually, Hernandez threatened to kill Garcia if he didn't give the money back, the report stated. 
According to the police report, Garcia ran from Hernandez and wound up behind the Napa Auto Parts store. At that point, Hernandez allegedly pointed a silver handgun at Garcia and said, "Give me the money."

Garcia grabbed some bills from his pocket and handed them to Hernandez, the report stated.

When the Lufkin PD officer asked how much money Garcia gave to Hernandez, Garcia said he wasn't sure.

As the Lufkin PD officer was speaking to Garcia, dispatch told him that there was a motion to adjudicate guilt warrant for Garcia out of Angelina County for possession of a controlled substance. Garcia was arrested at the scene and taken to the county jail.

As the LPD officer chased Hernandez through the Family Dollar, Sonic, and Whataburger, citizens told him which way the suspect had headed. A short time later, the officer caught Hernandez in the 600 block of Locke Street and arrested him.

Hernandez told the Lufkin PD officer that Garcia had stolen $35 to $40 from his girlfriend and was looking for him to get the money back, the report stated. Hernandez said that he saw Garcia walking on Locke Street and confronted him. While the officer was talking to Hernandez, dispatch relayed what Garcia said about getting robbed at gunpoint, the report stated.

The LPD officer found one 22.-caliber long rifle round in Hernandez' pocket and two other 22.-caliber long rifle rounds nearby on the ground.

When the LPD officers went back to the original location, they found a .22.-caliber semiautomatic pistol lying on the Skyline Burritos back parking lot. It was found about 25 feet from where Hernandez jumped the fence, the report stated.

The handgun was fingerprinted and then placed into evidence, the report stated.

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