Polk County Good Samaritan’s girlfriend: He died doing what he did best, helping people

LIVINGSTON, TX (KTRE) - Thursday afternoon, Kristin Hyde laid her boyfriend to rest.

46-year-old Angel Saez was assisting a woman involved in a crash when he was struck by a vehicle attempting to cross the roadway.

Hyde is asking for the public's help in seeking justice in his death.

DPS said the incident happened about one mile west of Livingston in Polk County.

A motorist was driving the wrong way down the westbound lane when it almost struck another vehicle.

The driver who stopped to avoid the collision, was hit from behind.

Authorities said the car driving the wrong way causing the crash fled the scene and remains at large.

Hyde said her boyfriend had a giving spirit that's why no one was surprised to hear that Saez tried to help when the accident occurred.

"We were just driving along and as soon as he saw the car on the side of the road he hit the brakes and turned his flashers on," Hyde said.  "He was like let me go check on this girl and make sure she's okay."

That girl was Taylor Walters from Clear Springs, Texas.

"I guess that's when Angel pulled up to save me and in an instant he was gone and whenever he was laying on the ground he actually was hit so hard that his clothes was knocked off of him," Walters said.

Hyde and Walters want to get the word and help law enforcement find the driver.

"He's very cautious and it was just unlike him to be standing where he was," said Hyde. "It was a very freak accident type of thing and just much unexpected."

The only description authorities have about the wrong way driver is that the vehicle was white.

DPS asks the community if they have any leads on the wrong way driver to give them a call at (936) 327-6858.

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