New Evacuees Arrive In Deep East Texas

Buses continue to come out of Louisiana with loads of evacuees. With the Astrodome full, some of these buses have made their way to deep East Texas.

Eleven buses arrived last night. Four buses came to Lufkin and seven went to Nacogdoches.

John Williams III was on one of those buses. He and his family had to endure the rising waters and hot temperatures for four days.

He wrote on one side of his roof "Please help us" and was in the process of doing the same on the other side of his roof. "Before I could spell it all the way out, the chopper was right over my head and he gave me a thumbs up, and I know it was gonna be all right," Williams said.

The evacuees are very grateful for all of the hospitality they have received, but officials say that they still need more help.

One of the things local officials are asking for is gift cards to local stores and gas stations.

For more information on how you can help in Nacogdoches call the volunteer help line at 559-2948. In Lufkin, you can call the Pentecostal Campground at 637-0911.