East Texas woman overcomes struggles through faith-based conference

DIBOLL, TX (KTRE) - An East Texas woman is working to overcome her struggles after facing hard times. She said she found hope in jail after coming into contact with a ministry. But it was attending the Priceless Women's Conference with women in similar background that helped her propel her life forward.

At the age of 64, Cynthia Dunn said she is finding herself re-building her life.

"I thought my age would be a hindrance through all this, but I've learned I'm a life long learned," Dunn said.

But her journey started after hitting a low point in her life, Dunn said.

"It been about 10 years since I've even had a drink and I had a loss, my husband. and I was feeling sorry for myself and feeling down and out and hopeless and I just thought I was all alone and I never should have turned my eyes off of the Lord," Dunn said.

That struggling chapter in Dunn's life lead to a DWI charge. But what helped turn her life around was a visit from Priceless Women's Conference spreading a message of perseverance from one woman to another.

"The Priceless Conference likes to reach out to hurting women in the past and we have gone to the jail and we have gone to different places and different organizations where we know there are struggling and hurting people," Dunn said.

Through the platform of the conference, organizers said barriers were broken, and hope begins to sprout.

"The purpose of it is to reach out to them and encourage them that there's a better way and give them a hand up," Dunn said. "We don't necessarily give them hand outs but we want to give them a hand up on life and let them understand that there's a greater purpose and that their best days are yet to come."

As for Dunn, she said she's found her community support.

"The walk is always better when you have a shoulder to lean on or a hand to walk with," Dunn said.

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