City of Lufkin requires Lufkin Detachment of Marine Corps League to leave building

City of Lufkin requires Lufkin Detachment of Marine Corps League to leave building

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - After almost six years, the Lufkin Detachment of the Marine Corps League has been asked to leave their current location at the old Lufkin Armory building.

City officials have given the group 140 days to vacate the property

Brian Crews with the League said that his feelings over the vacate letter from the city went beyond just the frustration of moving.

"It's disappointing," Crews said. "This was our home."

According to Lufkin City Manager Keith Wright, the land where the armory stands has always been owned by the city.

"It's not leased out to anyone, so there's no lease agreement," Wright said. "We were allowing the Marine Corps League to come in there and do their toy deal and meet there because we didn't have an immediate need for it."

Wright said that the vocal agreement between the detachment and the city needed to end,when the building seemed the perfect option for a new institution.

"We have a need that has arisen, and we're looking for and trying to apply for grants, to create a joint training center for our police and fire," Wright said.

Crews said that, in the past, the city has been interested in transforming the area but has always ended up leaving it alone.

"This is an event that took us by surprise," Crews said. "We weren't expecting this. And so, that's why we're in such desperate need of finding someplace that we can move. And, we're looking for a place that we can call our own."

But, the City of Lufkin plans on offering their help in the group's search

"We hate for them to have to find another place," Wright said. "We're trying to help them do that."

According to Wright, an old fire station off of Atkinson Drive is being considered as a possible spot for relocation.

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