Children Of Hurricane Katrina Return To School

Little four year old Evelyn lost her home, but she has a pencil box. Now the little victims of Hurricane Katrina can do what kids should be doing. Former 8 year old New Orleans resident Dazia Faulk said, "You get to learn and you can play and color."

This is something children have had little opportunity to do since Hurricane Katrina. Eight year old Jalchenique Cooper recalled, "Hurricane Katrina knocked down houses. People in the shelter. Some people got no where to go and we left"

As the victims understand, so do their new friends. Kindness is the lesson they learn. Eight year old Michael Baggett learned, "To treat them with respect and to make them feel welcomed at Brooks Quinn Jones school." Five year old Tyler gathered school supplies. When asked, 'Why?' he responded, "Because they don't have anything else."

In Central Heights Kodi Schuyler wrote a letter to his school as early as Tuesday after the storm.

And a principal learns bending the 22 students to one teacher rule is acceptable. B-Q-J principal Rachel Johnson said, "It's not going to matter how many students are in your classroom. We're going to except all students into our classroom."

The state has yet to answer funding questions for the new students. As one administrator said we'll take one day at a time, but turn no one away.