City of Trinity uses divers to clean water tanks

Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

TRINITY, TX (KTRE) - One East Texas town is taking the extra step tonight by paying a team of professional divers to clean their water well system.

The 15 foot well, located just south of the town of Trinity, brings water up from a spring and delivers it to every home inside the city limits.

Even though the state doesn't require cities to clean their wells, only for them to be inspected annually, the city still decided to make the call.

And, according to one of the divers with Ron Perrin Water Technologies, Richard Frerick, it's the most cost efficient way.

"This is a hundred thousand gallons or a hundred and fifty thousand gallons, that's a lot of money to dump down on the ground and you still have to have somebody go inside there and clean everything out. So, save a little water and do it while it's still in there," Frerick said.

But, he says the real value is in the clarity of the water.

"Certain places you get dirt and other stuff going in, so that stuff has to come out periodically," Frerick said. "If you don't, it just keeps building up and building up and eventually it starts going through your lines."

City Manager Steve Jones said the power failure they had with their pumps a few months ago caused an issue that now is less likely to happen.

"The brown water that came out of this tank being stirred up is not going to be an issue anymore," Jones said.

Jones added that even if that hadn't happened, it would have been the right choice.

"The council, the mayor that we have took the initiative to go ahead and have them come out and clean the tanks," Jones said. "It's going to be something that's going to be great for our water system, for our customers."

The divers will continue cleaning the other wells around town later this week.

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