Proposed Angelina County sawmill will add 100 jobs to area economy

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - The announcement of a new sawmill being built in Angelina County was confirmed Thursday by City of Lufkin Economic Development Director Bob Samford.

According to Samford, the construction of an Angelina Forest Products, LLC sawmill will add over 100 long-term jobs to the economy of Lufkin.

"That's exactly what we need in Lufkin, Texas," Samford said. "And, what we want is jobs that are going to be here not only for the current employees, but for their children and their children on."

He added that Lufkin will also see an increase in employment during the construction of the sawmill.

"Not only is it going to benefit the employees, but it'll benefit the people who grow the trees, who harvest the trees, who move the trees out of of the woods to the mill, and then it's actually who moves the finished product out of the mill," Samford said.

The location that has been chosen for the plant has been confirmed as the former General Electric Buck Creek site.

"We were concerned that it may go vacant and set idle, but it's just going to be totally revitalized," Samford said.

Samford stated that the sawmill, which will cost $100 million, is expected to be finished as early as the second quarter of 2019.

Residents of Angelina County can expect to see activity for this project during this upcoming summer.

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