Hudson ISD protests nearby restaurant's application for alcohol license

Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

HUDSON, TX (KTRE) - Hudson ISD's superintendent, Donny Webb, has officially filed a protest with the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission in response to a nearby restaurant, called "Page'n Cajun", application to sell beer and wine.

Webb said he and other school officials are worried that, if the business is granted the license, it could pose a risk to their students.

"Our number one priority in this district is the safety of our students," Webb said. "When we have an entity that is in such close proximity to the school district and people are drinking there and leaving there, then our community and our board especially felt like our kids safety was of utmost importance. And, we needed to file the protest."

Page'n Cajun, which is less than a mile away from the school, has been open since September.

And, staff say they've had no problems.

"This is a respectable and responsible restaurant," said manager, Angie Stone. "We're like any other restaurant in town."

The restaurant currently has a BYOB policy and said a license would help with control.

"If we had the TABC behind us, then we would have more control over how much alcohol is served, how much alcohol is consumed and what is consumed," Stone said.

Stone said she realizes that the school district could be concerned with the traffic coming from the restaurant and schools.

"Where the people pull out from the school, you have a clear view there, you have a clear view down to the red light," Stone said. "So, I don't see that there's an issue."

But, Webb said the issue isn't in clear roadways, but clear minds.

"There are other areas that do sell alcohol," Webb said. "The issue is the consumption of alcohol at such close proximity to the school."

Whether or not a license is given, Stone said the restaurant plans to keep things civil.

"Oh, we'd love to have the school board come out and dine with us," Stone said.

According to the restaurant, representatives from TABC already inspected the facility and interviewed staff.

There is no date set on when their results will be announced.

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