No More Donations, For Now

by Jessica Cervantez

East Texans have donated truckloads of clothes, food, and other items to help hurricane evacuees. But now, the greatest need is for people to donate money.

One evacuee from New Orleans said, "Thank you Lufkin, thank you for everything."

Another said, "Thank you for helping the City of New Orleans, I don't know how we'll every re-pay you."

The outpouring of generosity from East Texans is easy to see. Volunteers have been sorting out donated clothes in a room that's so full, shelters are now asking people to donate cash instead.

Capt. Lola Maldonado, of the Salvation Army, said, "We are in need of money so that we can help evacuees get back on their feet."

The shelter in Nacogdoches also needs gas vouchers, and wal-mart vouchers. And all shelters will need volunteers for months to come. Big items are also in demand like furniture and beds.

For the most part, evacuees are thankful for everything East Texas has done, but frustration is setting in for some. They don't like how the government is handling things.

But, with donations of money, volunteers can buy special items evacuees need, and even do more little things, like take displaced children to the movies.

The Nacogdoches shelter also needs help with transportation. They need volunteers who can transport evacuees around town and to other places to re-unite with loved ones.