Katrina Babies Arrive

Two Katrina babies are now alive and well living in Nacogdoches. Each child has a unique story. Here's the story of the first baby to be born.

On September 6th at 7:41 a.m. all 19 inches of 7 pound, 4 ounce, Hayden Delany Stinson came into the world. The mother, Tiffany Stinson said, "We just feel so blessed that everything is ok and he's just healthy."

But if Tiffany had stayed in Ocean Springs, Mississippi the story may have been much different for her newborn. "All the hospitals in Mississippi were tore up bad. They were on emergency generators,but didn't have air conditioning or any sterile supplies," explained Tiffany.

After four days and five nights with no power and little food Tiffany called her Nacogdoches in-laws to come and get her. Grandfather Billy Young said, "There wasn't any gas past Monroe. I had to buy gas cans to get down there. There wasn't any power from Jackson, Mississippi all the way down."

Meanwhile, Hayden's dad, Jaron Stinson was stationed on a Navy ship fighting 30 foot waves out in the Gulf. "The waves were going over my ship rocking and it was really rough and I had to work in the engine room trying not to get sick at the same time," recalled Jarod.

A Red Cross emergency leave united the family. The storm is replaced with calmness as they watched their sleeping baby. Yet it was all topped off with a very big surprise. Tiffany laughed, "We were expecting a girl, but we got a boy instead."