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Cade Foehner's hairstylist says 'It took me a minute to realize' during American Idol shout out

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It was just two nights ago, during a time when millions of people were tuned in when American Idol host Ryan Seacrest gave a shout to an East Texas hair- stylist.

Ricky Blount is the hair-stylist to Cade Foehner and his luscious locks where his salon is tucked in the tiny town of Joaquin, which is close to the Texas and Louisiana border.

Rewind back to Sunday night on American Idol, a shout out was made to Blount who tames Cade Foehner's rocking mane.

"It took me a minute to even realize that he said it. I was in the room with family and we're like, it took everybody a couple of seconds to even react," Blount  said. "We didn't even have any idea that he was going to do that."

The town has a population is 824, Blount's phone starting ringing.

"The phone took off that evening," Blount said. "All three of our phones. Well four, my son, my daughter, Jenny's, myself, our home phone, they all started going crazy because everybody wanted to say something to us. Let us know they heard it."

The salon owner has been Foehner's hairstylist for more than two years, but experience dates back to at least two decades.

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