Lufkin coaches helping student-athletes navigate recruiting process

Lufkin High recruiting

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Every high school athlete has at one point played in their yard or inside their home and imagined playing at the next level. For a select few, after high school a college career is possible.

College Recruiting has become a big process in the United States. Freshman on Texas football teams are already getting looked at by college scouts. In softball girls as young as 12 are getting evaluated by coaches. The reality is that only about two percent of athletes in high school are selected to get a NCAA college scholarship.

The process can be tedious. It is not always about the work they put together on the field.

"It is a terrible assumption that we have going around that just because you are good you get a college scholarship," Lufkin High School Assistant Recruiting Director SaDale Lamb said. "You have to do good in the class room as well."

Over the past several years, Lufkin athletes have signed with big time schools. It was not just about what they delivered on the field. It was also about what they brought to the class room.

"When we get a call from a school, one of the first questions we get is, 'Are they a qualifier?,' Lamb said. "The big times schools want to know that before coming in. They don't want to waste their time. If their grades aren't that good they might look over that person and might look for somebody else. I have seen that happen before."

Lamb said this is something they try to tackle with the athletes as soon as they walk through the doors as freshman.

"They think they have time," Lamb said. "This is a serious process and we want to make sure they are on task."

In his final week of high school, Chris Thompson signed with Panola College for basketball at the junior college level. Thompson said even at the lower ranks it can be a stressful process.

"It is tough," Thompson said.  "I will not lie; Juco or Division II, there are days where it is like, 'Dang, Do I even want to do this?''" Thompson said. "Then you get the call from the right school and you say, 'Yea this was all worth it.'"

Lamb and other coaches are doing their best to educate the younger athletes by offering a seminar this week. The seminar will be free to all that attend and will be in the Gold Gym on the High School campus. Any student-athlete from the area, regardless of what high school they go to can attend the meeting. It will start at 6 pm.

Things covered will be:

  • Putting the Student back in the Athlete
  • Understanding the CORE GPA
  • Eligibility
  • SAT/ACT Information
  • Recruiting Facts/ myths
  • Collegiate Athletic level
  • Athlete "Do's" and "Don'ts"

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