Hurricane Victim Is No Longer A Visitor

Helen Brown is no longer an evacuee. After spending nearly a week at the Pentecostal campgrounds in Lufkin, she's going to a place she can call home.

"I was on a boat" near New Orleans, Brown said. "I got in a boat and got under the bridge for two nights and it was terrible. If I had stayed one more day, I would have been dead. It was horrible, it was horrible!"

Edna Tutt heard about Brown's story and was determined to help. She knows many people hear sad stories and feel bad, but don't do anything about it.

"When I saw that face, I was very disturbed," Tutt said. "I looked at it - I knew then that I needed to help her. I told my husband, 'I'm very disturbed, I'm going to find this lady'."

Tutt found Brown a one bedroom apartment at the Ministry in Action Living Center on Kurth Drive in Lufkin. She'll live there for the next year and she won't have to pay a thing.

Brown said, "They helped me to get away from here. It was nice, and everyone treated me real well."

But she still plans to go back home someday to New Orleans. Brown had two strokes and open heart surgery almost a year ago. She says if she can survive that, she can survive anything.