Nine months later TxDOT set to clean up remaining tar on parking lots off of Loop 287

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Thousands of drivers traveling on Lufkin's Loop 287, found they were driving through thick tar back in August last year and ruined their tires as result of a Texas Department of Transportation construction project gone wrong.

Drivers exited the freeway, and they pulled into area businesses up and down the loop where they left a trail of tar behind.

"I can't believe it's nine months ago and we still go tar in our parking lot," said Tonja Grimes, the owner of Lone Star Charlie's.

Grimes describes what she saw as drivers pulled into her parking lot after Hurricane Harvey pasted the Texas coast.

"We're just watching this unfold, and as people are pulling in here, this stuff is just rolling of their cars and their tires," Grimes said. "It was a horrific nightmare for some people."

It was indeed a nightmare; the sticky tar tracked onto parking lots of several businesses on each side of the loop.

In their next step of action, Texas Department of Transportation is working with those businesses to remove tar trails left behind as drivers pulled into area parking lots. They hope to do that by end of the week.

"They've been incredibly patient with the workers and TxDOT agency as we work through this problem that none of us expected to happen, and so it's a process, and it's taken time I think there will be an end to it."

TxDOT said, after clearing the tar from the parking lots, they will return to inspect the loop and the shoulders to remove any tar left behind there.

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