Lufkin ISD board in search for new superintendent

Within the next two months the Lufkin Independent School District will be losing their superintendent to a district in the Houston area.

Starting July 1, 2018 Dr. Latonya Goffney will begin her journey at the Aldine School District, leaving the Lufkin school board to begin their search to fill that vacancy.

Diane Hineman's two sons have grown up in the Lufkin school district.

Hineman said last week's confirmation about Superintendent Latonya Goffney was not a surprise.

"I think it's a part of life that we do what we can and then move on," Hineman said.

Hineman said the next steps the district takes is in the hands of the school board.

According to school board president Scott Skelton, the process to filling that vacancy has begun.

"We're looking for a superintendent that is right for our district where it is right now," Skelton said.

Legally the district has to post the opening of the position for ten school days before they can hire a candidate.

"The last time I was involved in this process there were about 50 people who applied, but ultimately we interviewed 7 people," said Skelton.

Skelton said the interviewing process will take time because board members want to make sure they find the best fit.

"We want somebody with vision because we need them to look into the future if they can and have a vision for what the district needs and wants to go," said Skelton.

And the vision is going to require a few changes .

According to Skelton the transition that has been taking place within the district has nothing to do with the superintendent vacancy.

"Those were being talked about months in advance," said Skelton.

On the other hand parents like Hineman said they have to put their trust in the school board.

"We've all had our chance to vote and put our voices out there and we have to trust that they're going to do what's best," said Hineman.

Skelton said board members hope to have a new superintendent by the beginning of next school year.

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