Cade Foehner talks about new single out now


SHELBY COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - After wrapping up his journey 'American Idol' this month, Cade Foehner is back home.

But just for a short while before he travels again to spread his new single called 'Breathe Out' released this week.

"It's a song with today's feel with an older vibe in the background," Foehner said.

He said making it to the Top 5, on Idol, has opened doors to many opportunities.

"The Top 5 recorded singles with Hollywood Records. They released it just a few days ago and it was one that they had brought," Foehner said. "It was a song that was brought to me that we worked on together and the first time I kind of heard what they were wanting to do with it, I loved it."

The lyrics and tune behind the song have already gotten a lot of downloads.

"Everybody, all my friends really love it and they listen to it a bunch," Foehner said "It's a cool thing when your friends actually listen to your music because, they're the hardest people you know appease."

The rock star said this song is an example of the music he hopes to create as an artist, blending the classics with a fresh twist.

"That's really what I want to do in music," Foehner said. "Have something that young people listen and also older people you know. Because i love all the classics, but the new stuff I've kind of gotten into as well."

Despite not winning Idol, he said he's focused on the upcoming summer tour where he'll play the 3 minute song.

"Like in the Top 7 I'm going on tour with, those are honestly like my family," Foehner said.

There is a possibility that before he travels again, Cade Foehner may perform in Shelbyville and the Center area. But nothing is confirmed at this time.
If you want to see him perform on live TV again, he has a chance to appear on Live with Kelly and Ryan if he gets enough votes.

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