East Texans react to high gas prices before holiday weekend

East Texans react to high gas prices before holiday weekend
Source: KTRE staff

For some, Memorial Day weekend is a time to get out of town and enjoy a vacation.

But, when asked whether or not she'll be traveling, this East Texas mom had a different answer.

"Staying home," said mother, Becky Morales. "Staying home, barbecuing at home, with the family."

And, her reasoning is simple.

"It's safer and cheaper to stay at home," Morales said.

With AAA reporting a six cent increase in the price at the pump, other drivers say they're feeling the pressure.

"The gas prices rising before the holiday, it kind of gauges people's pockets," said Garrison driver, Heath Brewer. "And, I don't think people will travel near as far as they usually do."

A survey conducted by AAA found that the highest price at over $3.00 a gallon was found in Midland, while the lowest at $2.65 a gallon came from Wichita Falls.

"They're getting outrageous," said East Texan, James Johnson. "People work hard with their money. Then these gas companies want to gauge everybody."

Oil prices have been trending higher over the last week following news that crude inventories dropped, while demand continues to rise.

And, some are focused on where all the money is going.

"I heard somewhere they would gross eight billion dollars on this jump to hit our pockets," Brewer said.

AAA also reported that nationally drivers are seeing a rise in gas prices with the average being $2.96 a gallon.

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