Better East Texas: Remembering the real reason for Memorial Day

(KTRE) - It is hard to remember 2-year span when the flag of the United States and the traditions surrounding it were more under attack than right now.

At times it seems that everything patriotic, everything that stirred a national conscience, everything that makes the U.S. unique, is criticized or considered derogatory. The founders had a goal of people coming together, not divided, to form a more perfect union. They did not say it was perfect, or that it would ever be flawlessly perfect, but our country was founded on people coming together.

As Memorial Day is upon on us, we each need to pause and consider that millions have died and suffered in the cause of the United States. Memorial Day is more than a 3-day weekend, it is the most revered holiday that focuses on the identity of our nation. Perhaps this is one of the most important lessons we can pass on to our children: that we had people from all walks of life coming together for a cause – not a bunch of individuals with singular, selfish inflexible agendas that decided it was their way or the highway.

So, when we all see the flag displays, the bunting and patriotic symbols, let us all pause and give thanks for those that have served in defense of that imperfect but yet perfect ideal that is America. Our children need to see this from us, we need it in the hearts of our leaders and, as individuals, we need the American spirit to continue to triumph over attacks. Have a safe Memorial Day, East Texas.

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