Humane Society of Angelina County in desperate need of donations

Photo: KTRE
Photo: KTRE

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Two months ago, an Angelina County animal shelter took is roughly 80 animals from nearby counties.
With the surplus of rescued animals, supplies quickly depleted leaving empty cupboards. Earlier this week, the Winnie Berry Humane Society sent out an urgent plea for help for donations.

The animal shelter took in 15 dogs tied up, without food or water, after an elderly Alto man died in March. Then two day later in the same month, in Trinity County, an animal rescue had lost its funding and hope for its animals had run out. The Winnie Berry Humane Society decided to help the neglected and abused animals, according to Vice President of the Board Yana Ogletree.

"Our director took those animals in for an immediate plea for help. And unfortunately though we did not have the facilities to sustain operations like that," Ogletree said.

The task became to find a permanent home for those animals. Now close 30 are adopted out, but a few of the dogs and cats who were pregnant and had litter of babies. That's when a call to action was placed on Facebook on a desperate need for items such as dog food, bleach, laundry soap, among the many other household cleaning supplies. Among the many who donated was Crystal Williams through her family business of McWilliams and Sons .

"They just needed everyday things like that we keep in our house, they needed food, they needed cleaning supplies and they needed other things just to provide a solid service. And so when that call came out, McWilliams and Sons, we just thought 'hey we're going to do we can do that can to help them have the basic needed of running the facility," Williams said.

While the donations are pouring in from the community, Ogletree said more donations are needed, specifically food, to help nourish the animal until the animals are adopted out.

If you would like to adopt a pet or make a donations please call (936) 715-7672 or stop by Winnie Berry Humane Society.

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