Gulf Coast Worker Evacuated Just Before Storm Hit

An oil rig worker from Lufkin is glad to be back on land. He was one of the first evacuees to make it to Texas safely.

John Clark and members of his crew were working on a rig just a few days before the storm hit the Gulf Coast. They were quickly moved to another town in Louisiana and everyone made it safely, but some of the rigs were not so lucky.

Since not all rigs are anchored down, several of them were damaged. The men were called back out the following week to get his rig back up and running.

Clark said, "we were up against a platform re-doing a couple of wells and our legs had a hundred feet of penetration in the mud, and they figured that's one of the things that saved us. The platform took the brunt force of the wind."

Clark believes there are still close to 60 more rigs missing in the Gulf of Mexico.