Volunteers Concerned About Rumors Spreading Around Shelters

The Pentecostal campground in Lufkin hasn't been a shelter that long, but rumors are spreading quickly about the help provided there.

The Red Cross registers evacuees all day long for money to get back on their feet. Some of the older storm victims believe that money has to eventually be paid back.

Doug Holland of the Red Cross said, "The armed forces has a fund for the veterans and there's a loan program - we act as a liasion for them - and if you choose to use that program, you're paying back the veterans, you're not paying back the Red Cross. All monies given to the Red Cross, you do not have to pay back."

The Red Cross is always here to help, whether or not there's been a disaster. Again, the help is free and you don't have to live in the shelter to get it.

"If you are staying with friends or relatives or in hotels or have your own place, you still can qualify for this assistance and we want you to come in. We're trying to help you the best that we can."

So far, more than 1,100 evacuees have been to the Lufkin campground since it was converted into a shelter exactly one week ago. More than 130 people call it home.