Some Evacuees Are On The Road

Diligent efforts continue to place evacuees in more comfortable housing. Everyday evacuees board busses for out of town, but no one leaves without first saying thank you. "Thank you very much. We love you," said a woman carrying a baby.

The bus station is where evacuees are saying their last thank you for all the help they've received, including the complimentary bus ticket.

Love In The Name Of Christ is doing a remarkable job linking evacuees with their families and friends. Donors' generosity provides the funds. Director Roger Aker said, "We're right around 65 on the bus so far who have gone out and we're even having a few brought in to join their family."

Whether coming or going Love INC is wanting to provide permanent housing. They also talk to providers. Charles William is offering to a family a three bedroom home. "It's a vacant house and we're gonna let them have it for a whole year to try to help them."

There's a desperate need for furniture as more people move into homes. The North Street Church of Christ is the clearing house for large furniture. Donations of beds, mattresses, chairs and tables are badly needed.

But most are loading up their few belongings on busses bound for places other than their New Orleans home. What does their future hold? Who knows?