Green school bus/radio station near Central ISD is also environmentally green

Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

POLLOK, TX (KTRE) - Drivers on U.S. Highway 69 near Pollok may have noticed a large green school bus near one of the Central ISD campuses.

The school bus itself is a low-power radio station.

"It's providing a spiritual atmosphere that you can't see or you can't hear, but it's there 24 hours a day putting out music that has very good lyrics, and it is aggressively Jesus freak," said Jon Sprinkle, who maintains the station.

The green school bus is also environmentally green because it runs on solar energy.

"The sun provides free energy every day, and this just harvests it and puts it on the grid when it's producing more than we're using," Sprinkle said.

That stored energy helps keep the station running into the wee hours of the night when the sun has set. It's fully licensed by the FCC, and Sprinkle has been keeping up with the maintenance on this bus for the past five years.

He said he and his wife have saved a lot of dollars having their monthly bills at $50 go down to just $15 and that adds up over the years.

"It's probably saving $500 or $600 dollars a year of electricity, this little installation," Sprinkle said.

Since 2013, he has saved anywhere from $2,500 to $3,000. He said the radio station is all a gift for the Central Independent School District, which is right next door, and he hopes the music from the school bus uplifts people who listen.

"Well that's all that we have is each other, and if we can't make each other smile, what's the point?" Sprinkle said.

The low-power radio station reaches people in Pollok and parts of the Nacogdoches and Lufkin areas. The music can be heard on 101.1 FM.

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