Lufkin EDC recommends incentive package for Angelina Forest Products sawmill

Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The Lufkin Economic Development Corporation has recommended that the city council consider an economic incentive package for Angelina Forest Products.

"Project 3, we can now, officially call it by its real name and it is Angelina Forest Products which is a brand new sawmill," said Mayor Bob Brown.

The new sawmill will employ a minimum of 100 full-time primary jobs with a capital investment of over $100 million.

"This is a great time for Lufkin and Angelina County," said Bob Samford, the director of the Lufkin Economic Development Corporation. "The Lufkin Economic Development Corporation is looking forward to the approval of the incentive by city council."

The 4B Group terminated its contract with Overseas Hardwood because the company has decided to relocate its facility from its location at the corner of Pershing Avenue and Trout Street. That facility, which is owned by Baker Hughes General Electric, could still possibly be bought by another company.

Overseas Hardwood will relocate within Angelina County. Mayor Bob Brown said Overseas Hardwood terminated that purchase of the BHGE facility and has since found another industrial piece of property in Angelina County just outside city limits, and they will do everything that they were going to do on Pershing Avenue right outside the city limits.

However, all of those jobs will come to Lufkin as promised, Brown said. He added that with the sawmill opening in the Buck Creek facility, there is a likelihood for similar companies to move closer and make their own products.

"We see it as an incubator. We see it as part of industry that will continue to grow in our community," Brown said.

Earlier this month, Samford told East Texas News that in addition to the 100 permanent employees that will work at the Angelina Forest Products sawmill, Lufkin will see an increase in construction jobs while the new facility is being built.

"Not only is it going to benefit the employees, but it'll benefit the people who grow the trees, who harvest the trees, who move the trees out of the woods to the mill, and then it's actually who moves the finished product out of the mill," Samford said in a previous story.

The location that has been chosen for the plant has been confirmed as the former General Electric Buck Creek site on U.S. Highway 69.

"We were concerned that it may go vacant and sit idle, but it's just going to be totally revitalized," Samford said.

Samford stated that the sawmill, which will cost $100 million, is expected to be finished as early as the second quarter of 2019.

Residents of Angelina County can expect to see activity for this project during this upcoming summer.

Back in March, Overseas Hardwood Company announced that it was planning to open a new facility in Lufkin. More than a year ago, the company bought Angelina Hardwood.

Overseas Hardwood plans to bring 15 new jobs to Angelina County. Its current facility already employs 15 people.

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