Have Hope

by Jessica Cervantez

It has been almost two weeks since Hurricane Katrina destroyed New Orleans. And still, many families are separated. They don't know where their loved ones are or if they made it, but many families are holding on to hope.

Michelle Jones is an evacuee from New Orleans who was so grateful for everyone's help that she turned into a volunteer. At the time, she had no idea where any of her family members were, but now, she has good news.

Jones said, "My daughter found me, and I found her. She and her husband, and my grandchildren are safe, and I'm thankful."

She found her daughter, like many other, on the computer.

Jones said, "We're still looking for my mom and my son, but that's a start with my daughter."

A couple of days ago, the Thompsons were also looking for family member Larry Gene Thompson.

Dolores Thompson said, "We haven't heard from him since last Wednesday. He was ok then, but they say everybody has to leave, so we're looking for him, and we don't have any idea where he is."

Now, there's more good news to report. The Thompsons found 64-year-old Larry Gene Thompson also by computer. He was in a shelter in Athens and is doing fine.

The message to others, have hope.

Jones said, "Don't give up on your family. They are out there somewhere, just hang on, and trust and believe that you will be reunited."

More good news for Michelle Jones, she also has a job interview set up, that she was pretty excited about. She says she wants to thank everyone for helping her out during this time of need.