Red Cross Handing Out Checks

Evacuees are still waiting on FEMA to arrive, but the Lufkin Red Cross says it has more money for evacuees.

The Red Cross is registering folks for cashier checks to help ease some of the financial woes caused by Hurricane Katrina. Lufkin Red Cross officials say to receive a check, evacuees have to register again for the aid.

Families are given an amount based on need. They say the funds should help while evacuees wait for aid from FEMA.

Doug Holland, with the Red Cross, said, "If you haven't come out, there is an intake sheet you need to sign up for, not the initial sign up for the Red Cross when you came in and registered. But there is an 8 1/2 by 11 sheet you fill out with your families name and everything and usually in a 24 hour turn around you will get your cash."

The Red Cross says so far it has given over $100-thousand.