Lufkin paramedic reunited with baby he helped save

Source: Camille Jones' Facebook
Source: Camille Jones' Facebook

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The quick work of two Lufkin paramedics saved a premature baby's life after a near fatal incident.

"When this particular call for Parker dropped, my heart dropped," said paramedic and firefighter, John Rawls.

Parker Jones was had recently graduated from a neonatal intensive care unit when suddenly one day his mother noticed he had stopped breathing.

"So, I pull him away from me, and he's blue, like he was like navy blue on the inside of his mouth," said the baby's mother, Camille Jones. "So we started calling to him. Parker, Parker, Parker. And, he wasn't responding."

It was a moment Jones said she will never forget.

"In that moment you're panicked you don't know what to do," Jones said. "I was like, what do I do? Infant CPR. Get him on a flat surface."

Parker's Dad, in shock, called 911.

"Where she was in the zone, I was totally out of it," said father, Peyton Jones.

Just over a minute later, paramedics, John Rawls and John David Eddins, arrived.

"As soon as we got in and got her seated down, I looked, and I could tell from the appearance of Parker that he was in pretty bad shape," Rawls said.

Rawls was able to stabilize the baby on the way to the hospital.

But, he said that he felt a connection to Parker.

"It's almost like the good Lord was talking to me," Rawls said. "You need to check on Parker."

The baby's doctor claimed a perfect storm of small issues had caused the problem, and Parker was able to go home pretty quickly.

But, social media soon brought both paramedics and Parker back together.

According to Rawls, each visit with Parker reminds him that there are good endings in life.

"It's rare in this line of work to go on such a severe call and to have a positive outcome," Rawls said.

And, Parker's parents, who now live in Carthage, are happy to keep making these visits.

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