Hudson water tower sports Adam Sandler movie quote

Hudson water tower sports Adam Sandler movie quote

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The 1998 movie, "The Waterboy," has made its way to a Deep East Texas community.

One of the water towers in Hudson has a quote that reads "High Quality H2O".
On her way to work, Teresa Stokes said she can't help but to notice the water tower.

"It will make you laugh and it'll give you a good laugh to start your day," said Stokes, co-owner of the Mar-Tere Tea Room.

Stokes agrees that the water in Hudson is high quality.

She said the restaurant's tea can show for it.

"Good water is the beginning quality to make good tea," Stokes said. 
"If you're water isn't good then your tea therefore is going to have a different flavor."

Lead Operator, Brad Naron, said the quote on the water tower has been up since 2001.

"My boss' granddaughter watched that movie a lot and she liked the saying, so they all studied it and the board decided that it sounded like a good thing to put on there," said Stokes.

Back at Mar-Teres Tea Room, Stokes is happy Hudson has "High Quality H2O" because it keeps the customers coming back.

"Our Almond tea is very popular," said Stokes. We have a lot of addicts in town so good water helps that keep going."

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