Trinity police: Store robbed three times by same suspect

A Trinity convenience store has been robbed by the same suspect three times this year.

According to Trinity Police Chief Steve Jones, the robberies of the Trinity Quick Stop store that occurred on Wednesday evening, on May 24, and again on February 28 have all been committed by the same suspect.

On Wednesday, it was about 5 p.m. when the convenience store's clerk, Tonya Barnett, remembered hearing someone enter the store.

She was working alone, at the time.

"I was drying my hands, and he yells 'Give me the money," Barnett said. "He somewhat calmly said it, but you know to where I could hear him back here. And, I kind of laughed because at first I thought it was just someone just being silly."

However, Barnett said her mood quickly changed when she heard the person say they had a gun.

"I literally went blank," Barnett said. "All I could think of was my son, my kids. Mentally I wasn't thinking. I couldn't even bigger out which button to push to open the register."

Barnett said she handed over the money and the suspect ran off, in a similar direction as the two prior robberies.

Chief Jones added that he doubts the suspect had a real gun neither one of the three times he's robbed the store.

"He was somebody who just had a paper bag," Jones said. "When you watch the videos, there's some clumsiness to him, he's a little bit not prepared."

Gun or no gun, Barnett and other employees at the store said they are worried for their safety.

"I've worked in stores my whole life," Barnett said. "I've never been nervous and I've never been scared to work by myself. Never even been scared up here at all really, until we were robbed two weeks ago and last night."

At this time, an arrest has not been made in this case. But, Jones stated that, after studying the surveillance footage from all three robberies, they are currently looking into a possible suspect.

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