With suicide on the rise Lufkin mom plans to start mental health intervention team

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Over the past two decades, suicide has become one of the top ten leading causes of death in the United States. 
It's back in the news now with the loss of Fashion Designer Kate Spade and celebrity Chef Anthony Bourdain.

Many East Texans told KTRE News, suffering can affect anyone.

Recent headlines of suicide brought up past memories for Brent Compton.

"I knew people loved me," Compton said. "I knew they did. They told me all the time, but I just didn't feel it."

In 2016, Compton attempted to take his life with a hand gun.

"My jaw was broken in five places and basically my face was split in half," said Compton.

Compton's life was saved because a close friend had a gut feeling.

"He showed up with the police, the ambulance and shortly on the way there was a helicopter," said Compton.

Along with Compton is Patt Todd who wants to use her son, Scott Todd's, story to help.

"Let's bring all these leaders together and have a plan in place for our community," Todd said.

Todd is making plans to bring an intervention team to Lufkin.

"It's kind of so everybody can be on the same page," said Todd.

She said this is how the community can come together to fill a need.

"A first responder is effected by coming onto a scene like that just as much as a doctor in the emergency room or a counselor in the school, said Todd. "We can all come together and combine our resources."

Todd will be attending a conference in October to get information on how to bring this program to Lufkin.

And Compton is happy about the idea.
 He believes it will touch someone battling with problems he's had before.

"The out could be that there's people who love them and want to help them through the process," said Compton.

If you or someone you know is struggling, there is hope.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Number is a resource experts say is available for anyone who needs it.

That number is 1-800-273-8255.