Better East Texas: Improving school safety in East Texas

KTRE - Texas Governor Greg Abbott and the Texas Legislature will have the tall task of trying to create laws through legislation that will prevent school shooting in Texas in the future.

The Governor has created a 40-point plan that saddles lawmakers with the goal of tightening and enhancing laws dealing with responsible gun ownership and mental health screenings. But the Texas legislature doesn't meet until next January, and school will start back in August. So, school districts need to act now to do those things that they can and not wait on the Texas Legislature of which there is no guarantee they will get anything done.

School shootings are real and as a community we need to hit them head on. Thankfully, with the recent bond passage, construction in Lufkin will improve the safety on both the middle and high school campuses. But more needs to be done now.

It has been suggested that police continue to up their presence at area schools. One of the governor's points is that districts should consider accommodating space for a law enforcement presence in a school, perhaps where paperwork can be done to lengthen the presence on campus. While more than 50 percent of Texas residents support arming teachers, this needs to be a last resort and will definitely need state oversight.

So, for now, school administrators in all districts need to enhance their own plans and make schools safer, then, if the legislature comes through, we may be able to prevent future tragedies and that will make for a Better East Texas.

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