Testimony resumes in trial for former Lufkin charter school counselor accused of sexual assault

Testimony resumes in trial for former Lufkin charter school counselor accused of sexual assault

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - During the fourth day of the jury trial for the former Lufkin charter school counselor who is facing charges of aggravated sexual assault of a child and indecency with a child, the defendant finished his testimony and defended himself in regard to the allegations against him.

The trial is being held in Judge Paul White's 159th Judicial District Court.

Carter 47, of Huntington, has pleaded not guilty to both felony charges.

Carter was arrested in November 2013 after an investigation into inappropriate conversations he was having with a girl under the age of 10 at Pineywoods Community Academy. The girl's parents had planted a recorder on the child and recorded a conversation between Carter and the girl. They then turned that into Lufkin police.

When police were investigating that allegation, Carter gave them permission to search his house. Police found evidence that Carter had tried to look up child pornography websites.

Carter pleaded guilty to the charge in February 2015, accepting a five-year probation sentence.

Carter was arrested again in April 2016, after a then 13-year-old student made an outcry to a teacher.

After Carter wrapped up his testimony, the state called six rebuttal witnesses to the stand to discredit testimony from Carter and the other defense witnesses.

An elementary school principal said that she had several conversations with Carter about not favoring female students over male students. She said to the jury that Carter didn't see anything wrong with his actions.

One of Carter's defense attorneys challenged the elementary school principal's testimony. She told the jury the ratio of the number of female and male students Carter was seeing was not recorded. She added that it was not required by Texas state law at that time.

Later, three witnesses testified the attempt to possess child pornography charge Carter has been serving probation for since 2015. They also testified about an audio recording involving Carter and another victim.

During cross-examination, one of Carter's defense attorneys asked one of the three witnesses about the attempted possession of child pornography charge. 
The witness told the jury that no evidence of downloaded images of child porn was found on Carter's computer. The witness said only a list of searches was discovered.

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