Nacogdoches Co. residents left with damage after Wednesday's storm

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Some Nacogdoches County residents are cleaning up after sudden storms caught them off guard yesterday evening.

Very few people were affected, but the damage was extensive where it did strike.

"We didn't know what to do," said homeowner Ronda Hobgood.

Hobgood said around 5:30 Wednesday afternoon, the storm moved through and sudden rain surprised her family.

"The trees were all just swaying and then it started hailing," Hobgood said.

Hobgood said she's been living in her home for almost ten years and have never experienced wind like that.

"The one tree in the back of our house looked like it was going to blow over, so I moved my car to the front of the house inside and as soon as I did that the tree beside my car fell," said Hobgood.

Luckily, her car received minor damage.

"Just for the tree damage he estimated about five or six thousand dollars," said Hobgood. "That doesn't count the roof repair and my car damage. I mean we're probably looking at over ten thousand dollars."

So far some neighbors have come out to help her clean.

"They cut all the wood off the driveway," said Hobgood. "One of the gentleman was a logger so he knew what he was doing and was able to do it real quickly."

Even though money will be spent to remove storm debris, she's happy her home is okay.

Meteorologists said some summer storms can produce wind gusts and hail that cause this type of damage.

Chief Meteorologist, Brad Hlozek, reached out to the National Weather service for more information and will be giving  updates if anything new becomes available. 

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