Community groups in Nacogdoches hold rally to protest Trump's family separation policy

Photo: KTRE
Photo: KTRE

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - The debate over immigration is spreading across the country and has reached to Nacogdoches on Sunday.

"I'm an American and this is wrong. I just cannot state it enough. You're coming after the children. You're evil," said Austin Rozell, referring to President Donald Trump and his administration's policy to separate families illegally entering the U.S. at the border.

Organizer Kathy Redman opposes what is unfolding at the Texas border. She took on the nationwide call to action to protest the Trump administration policy and put together a community protest, with the message Families Belong Together.

"It breaks my heart the trauma that the children are experiencing and going through because of the actions that are happening to them," Redman said.

Activists and people of faith rallied to denounce the policy of separating undocumented children and their families. Organizers said the choice to hold the rally on Father's Day was deliberate. They said they wanted to draw attention to the importance of family and the pain caused when families are separated.

"When something is immoral and cruel as separating the families at the border, you have to take a stand because if you don't, you're as guilty as those who are making it happen," said Vicki Lunell, another organizer. They want to send the message that this is not ok.

One father said he is voicing his concern on the impact on those children's mental health.

"For years they're going to have post traumatic stress, fear of being ripped away from their families at any given (moment), especially the younger ones who just don't know what's going on," said Drew Wenner, a protestor.

The group and faith leaders assembled at the rally said they consider the policy a violation of human rights. They hope, through their voice, a change may come about in the policy next week.

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