Lufkin: Have you tried the pickle juice snow cone?

Mango Tango at the Kibbies Shaved Ice. (Source: KTRE)
Mango Tango at the Kibbies Shaved Ice. (Source: KTRE)

Summer is around the corner and during the hot day people are cooling down by a snow cone.
The most requested flavor this summer, we are told, is pickle juice, among the many other crazy flavors. 

Emily Hamilton, who works at Texas Shaved Ice at the Lufkin Mall said the pickle juice snow cone is simply pickle juice and ice with no artificial flavors. She said it's the hottest cold selling item.

At Kibbies Shaved Ice located on 2109 West Frank Avenue, Alivia Reyes, whose family owns the place, said their snow cones comes with cut pickles which customers love.

"It's nothing that I would  I would add to my snow cone, but I do enjoy eating the pick-a-dilly. It gets your sweet and sour spin on it," Reyes said.

Jaden Alford, 16, tried the Candy Black snow cone which is decorated with an array of gummy worms. Her little brother gives it a thumbs up.

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - To beat the summer heat, there is a frozen treat for everyone at Texas Shaved Ice.

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