A Special Lesson From A Red Cross Worker

by Jessica Cervantez

A Red Cross employee paid a special visit to a Lufkin High School class giving an important message to the students with "his hands."

DeWayne Burger is the first certified Red Cross worker from California who is deaf. When he heard about a deaf education class in Lufkin, he wanted to visit.

The class has been finding ways to help storm victims. Burger wanted to give them encouragement.

With his hands Burger signed, "Some of the deaf people don't know they can have the opportunity to be involved with other organizations and they can help other people."

Jennifer Maclin, who is the deaf education teacher, said, "Here's an opportunity for my class to help look for these missing family members. I just got them to put in their name on the Internet of the family members that were staying here in Lufkin and they started finding families."

The class has helped unite about 25 families.