High School Welcomes Evacuees

A 'Welcome To Texas' brunch held at Nacogdoches High School helped make 40 teenage evacuees feel right at home. Most of the 'Texas transplants' are easily making the transition to a new school.

The Texas 'Friendship' motto is offered wholeheartedly to the newest Nacogdoches Dragons. Among them very outgoing twins, Holly and Angela Calico of New Orleans. They give each other a high five with total confidence. Angela is on the volleyball team. Holly on the cross country team.

And then there's much more reserved Ronda Banks of Gretna, La. "I'm not too good at talking to new people, so I just try you know," said Ronda shyly.

No matter the personality, Nacogdoches High cares. Texas size portions are served up, then mentors help out. Ronda is uncertain about where she wants to live. The mentor assured her, "You still have time to decide."

For the twins everything is brand new. Angela said, "Everyone's really nice. It's like different, but it's not bad." Holly jumped in, "It's like, it's a change, but it's like a good change." Angela agreed practically ending her sister's sentence. "Yeah and we used to go to an all girl school. When asked about the biggest difference being boys they let out a big laugh. "No comment." "I plead the 5th."

The students are looking forward to no longer being considered an evacuee, but instead just one of the gang. That shouldn't be too long. Ronda finds out she isn't the one expected to break the ice. "They like are inviting me to eat lunch with them and stuff like that and talking to me in class and making me feel like i really belong." The twins agree. "So many people have been helping us. People have been donating us clothes. I got some style going on now!," said Holly.